Professional Organizer

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What Is a Professional Organizer?

Professional organizers apply their skills and the basic principles of organizing to assist people who do not have the time or ability to create order in their homes or offices.

Professional organizers:

  • listen to the needs of their clients
  • offer solutions
  • implement those solutions
  • educate clients on ways to stay organized

Professional organizers can also bring deep, profound changes to your life.
Leave it 2 Lori was recently spotlighted in Natural Health magazine when its editor-in-chief called Lori in to help sort through the chaos. Lori’s response to what she saw, “You just have piles of delayed decision-making everywhere. You have no system. We can do this. And I’ve seen worse.”
And organize she did. Read how Leave it 2 Lori’s organizing solutions were life changing for this editor.
For more information about Leave it 2 Lori’s approach to organizing, see our FAQs/What to Expect page.