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Questions for a Professional Organizer

Information about professional organizers
I am a hands-on professional organizer and work with my clients one-on-one. The process begins by determining what your goals and expectations are for your space. Together we go through all of your items in your space and decide what should stay and what should go. I categorize and assign the items a home, based on the most convenient place you would look for that item. The transformation that takes place during this process is amazing.

Each organizing session is custom designed to meet the needs of that particular client. Therefore, sessions do vary, but the process followed to get the end result does not. Once the process is learned it can be applied as needed. I feel that learning the process and the skills are the greatest benefit of working with a professional organizer.

I am embarrassed to have you see my mess. How should I prepare for our first session?

A lot of people feel embarrassed to have others in their space. But that is why I am called in to help! I understand the embarrassment that goes along with being unorganized and applaud you for taking the right steps in addressing this challenge.
When I walk into a room that needs organizing, I see solutions. For me, that is my strength. Guiding people to a place of feeling good about their environment is my greatest satisfaction. There is no need to prepare for my arrival. It is best for me to see your current situation ‘as is’. We will then discuss exactly what is and isn’t working for you in your space and create a working plan.

Are you going to make me throw lots of things away?

We all have a special attachment to our things. My job is to help you define what is and isn’t important to you. I accomplish this by asking you certain questions that allow you to view your things differently. As you begin the ‘letting go’ process it miraculously becomes easier and easier…very empowering. I allow you to make all of the decisions when it comes to what should stay and what should go. I serve as a guide, a coach and a motivator.

There are so many professional organizers out there. How do I pick one?

Yes, there are many different organizers out there with a wide range of rates and specialties.

If I were selecting an organizer to work with I would consider three things:

  1. How comfortable I feel when interacting with that person
  2. Their experience, knowledge and expertise regarding organizing systems, products and information and how that applies to my situation
  3. Someone who I feel listens, understands and can help guide me to the best result

Rates are also important to consider, but keep in mind, while a more experienced professional organizer may have a higher hourly rate, they will work more efficiently, therefore, getting you to your final goal in less time.

How long does it take to get organized?

There is no direct answer because everyone has different situations, needs and goals.
The length of the project usually depends on three things:

  1. The size of the room or home
  2. The amount of clutter in the space
  3. How quickly you can make decisions


I approach each project with lots of energy, yet allow you to determine the pace at which we work.

My focus is to complete the project as efficiently as possible without overwhelming you.
My objectives are to create simple systems which allow you to stay organized in the easiest way possible, and, most importantly, transfer these organizing skills to you.
If you have any further question regarding my professional organization services or fees, please contact me at 818-324-3660.