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Testimonials and Praise

It is impossible to describe the enormous gratitude my family has for Lori Gersh and her team. We live in the Midwest and lost our uncle who lived in LA. This uncle had an extensive, museum quality art collection of over 1000 pieces. When we were referred to Lori through an estate planning attorney, we had no idea how to begin to distribute his art and personal belongings.

Lori handled every single task, working with beneficiaries, auction houses, holding Zoom meetings with the third generation to choose items and donating or discarding every single item. She worked with the realtor to list the property and left it in pristine condition after hiring the cleaning staff. The whole process was seamless…and all happening during Covid 19!

The debt of gratitude we have for Lori is immeasurable. She is entirely reliable, trustworthy, innovative and thoughtful. Do not consider hiring anyone else. She will take care of whatever you need and you too will be grateful.

Beth Silverman, Beth Silverman & Associates
Ross Silverman, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

Rosalind is an absolute lifesaver. I have worked with her for 6 years and in that time she has moved me and my family multiple times. I cannot adequately express how we could not have survived the moves without her!

We have three little children (all under 6 years old) and without her we never could have moved so easily and without major stress. She took care of every detail like getting permits for moving trucks and making sure the trees were trimmed so the moving truck could fit in the driveway. She thought of everything!

Her calm and patient demeanor no matter what is a godsend. She is meticulous with detail and keeps a wonderful log of everything stored and where it all needs to go once she unpacks.

Rosalind has also helped me pack and organize a home to get ready for new tenants, and stored the items that could not stay in the house. She always goes above and beyond every time we work with her. We would never consider a move without first making sure she is available to help us!

Amanda Brown, Los Angeles

I found Leave It 2 Lori on the internet, which made me a bit skeptical at first. After my initial consultation with Lori and Rosalind I felt confident that this team was capable of handling every aspect of my move. Having just had back surgery, my husband and I learned that we needed to be out of town the weekend we had chosen to move.

Lori and her team handled EVERYTHING-including having made the beds for us when we arrived home!I am happy to say our expectations were met and then some. I would recommend Lori and her team to anyone who is looking for a complete moving service.

Basically, I never even saw a packing box – much less had to unpack one. And it was unbelievably reasonable. I challenge anyone to find a better organized, more pleasant, and more efficient move organizing company!

Ruth Hunter, Pacific Palisades, CA

Rosalind came highly recommended to me from a friend as I need to clear out my mother’s home once she has passed. Rosalind sorted through all of my mother’s belongings, tagging items that family members wanted to keep, items for sale, donations and trash. She then had them packed, distributed, auctioned, consigned, donated and arranged for all the trash to be hauled away. The home was completely empty and ready for sale in no time. She is efficient, honest, professional and resourceful.

I then hired Rosalind to move me out of my home and into a home in Palm Desert. I could not have done any of this without her.

B. Goldwater, Palm Desert

I just had to write you to let you know how happy I am seven months later with the organizing of our house after our recent move. I find it so easy to keep things in their correct places because you set me up for success.

When friends come to visit, they truly are in awe of our pantry – which is a weird thing to say, but honestly, it’s a show stopper! As you know, we downsized a bit and my biggest concern was having a place for everything that was important to us and you did that, with room to spare!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Robin Sackman, Hidden Hills, CA

It was a pleasure working with you and your team Lori. I could not have been happier with every aspect of the work you did, and the help you provided, not only with the "things" but with my mom and our entire family. I hope you understand just how positive an impact you two had on all of us during what could have been a very difficult time in all of our lives, especially my mom’s.

I'm deeply appreciative and wish you the best.

Max Darnell, Thousand Oaks, CA

Lori helped us clear out my aunt’s house after she moved to assisted living so that we could list it for sale. She and her crew did a lot of the initial work, sorting through years of accumulated items. Lori brought in subcontractors and arranged for items to be shipped to family members across the country, items to be sent to auction, hauling away the trash, and cleaning the house so it was turn-key for our realtor. Her crew took useful stuff of little value to various charities, including my favorite, an organization that furnishes apartments for homeless women with children who are transitioning out of a shelter into a new home. Everything was extremely well coordinated and the entire job was done in a very few days.

I would contact with her immediately if I needed these services again in Southern California. If she can’t provide a specific service herself, she knows someone skilled and knowledgeable who can.

Dianna Cohen, Southern California

We just moved from our home in Beverly Hills where we had lived for 20 years. Lori oversaw the move and her assistance was priceless. She met with us initially to understand the magnitude of the project and provided encouragement to get rid of truly useless things. She helped us select an outstanding moving company (Ortiz Brothers) and supervised the packing and loading. Lori's participation significantly reduced our stress and the cost of her fee was very reasonable considering the tremendous benefit we received. She has our highest recommendation!

Norin Grancell, Beverly Hills, CA

Lori is more than a mover. She is a therapist.

My law office was moving to a bigger one across the hall that was remodeled and expanded. There was an inordinate amount of stuff to move, as well as countless decisions to make. I needed help from my space planner and furniture salespeople but didn't know who or what to ask. They were not helpful.

Lori held my hand through this mind-bending process. She let me kvetsch, made me feel heard, and gave it that personal touch. Her crew did an excellent job moving everything and putting it in its place. But more than that, she earned my trust and assuaged my fears during what was otherwise a significant disruption.

Josh Cohen, Los Angeles, CA

Lori and her team just helped me move a seven-person law office to new quarters. She was the best. I would have been lost without her.

She packed our files, desk contents, and everything else. She helped me discard outdated materials and packed the rest. The contents of all of our offices appeared in our new space exactly where they were suppose to. She even precisely transferred my old desktop materials and files to my new desktop. And she and her team did it with a smile. If there can be such a thing as a pleasant and painless move, Lori just did it.

Paul Cohen, Los Angeles

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I was in tears coming home this week…tears of absolute joy. If you ever need a reference or review, please don’t hesitate to ask. You truly made a difference in a way that I cannot put into words.

Erin, Santa Monica, CA

I highly recommend using Leave it 2 Lori to anyone in need of organization, decluttering, storage, or moving help (Everyone!). We have now used Leave it 2 Lori for three large projects. Most recently, we hired Leave it 2 Lori to help with moving our home.

The thought of moving for me is similar to a dozen or so root canals without anesthesia. This time we used Leave it 2 Lori (Which ended up being significantly less expensive than my quote from a moving company.) Lori helped us declutter our old house, had her very friendly movers carefully pack up our belongings, and safely bring them to the new house.

Next, everything was carefully unpacked, and organized in a manner that is far more efficient and tidy than my brain could conjure up. From the first night in our new home I was able to find everything I need, had no unpacking to do, and was not surrounded by clutter free. Her guys even dropped all our unwanted items off at the donation center we prefer. A+ to Lori. I can now use things that I forgot I owned. I no longer fear moving and live in an organized home.

Mike Abrums, Westlake Village, CA

I’m moving from a house I’ve lived in for 16 years. Before Lori got here I was a nervous wreck so overwhelmed with the idea of decluttering, purging and packing up. Not only was she quick, efficient and knew exactly what to do but by the time she left I felt so much more relaxed and in control. I can’t recommend her enough!

Pamela Appleby, West Los Angeles, CA

Lori is the best. She helped me organize my new apartment after my recent move while I went to work. Upon arriving home, everything was put in order and neat and tidy. Thank you I do appreciate it!

Olivia Z., Calabasas, CA

I own a small Graphic Design Firm in Woodland Hills. My strength is design and my weakness is organization. I had files in boxes, wires everywhere. I also have hundreds of design books that were completely disorganized. I could never find anything, my office and life were in complete disarray.

I could not function anymore and did a search on google for “Professional Organizer” and “Leave it to Lori” came up #1 on Google. Lori came over and assessed the mess and came back and spent a whole day working with me to get my office functional. She forced me to throw stuff away and buy new cabinets and storage boxes.

Wow! what a difference. Hiring Lori was the best investment that I ever made. I think she should have her own Reality TV Show. Now I am proud to work in my organized office. My head is clearer and I spend less time looking for stuff. Thank you Lori for saving me from my clutter. I would highly recommend Lori to De-Clutter your life.

Allen Breiter, Graphic Designer, Breiter Creative

Thank you so much for your expert help on my mother’s move up north. You made what could have been a terrible ordeal run smoothly and easily. We really appreciate all that you and your team did to make things go so well. It was truly a pleasure working with you and my mother could not have been happier!

Sherry Zacharia, Encino, CA

Thank you again for all of the help and support you gave our daughter Wendy in organizing her home and her move. Your skills and experience were all put to good use – and the result is a very happy one.

Your confidence, calm manner and very positive attitude were a tremendous help to her and made an emotional experience much easier. Wendy felt encouraged and empowered and was able to de-clutter and start fresh. And in the process you gave her many useful tips to help her stay better organized in the future. Thanks for everything. Now, if only we lived closer so you could help me get my office back into shape!

Linda & Jay Sandrich

Before “Leave it to Lori” entered my world, my office was a disaster. As an Interior Designer I was used to sweeping into my client’s lives and giving them beautiful spaces, however my own space wasn’t so beautiful.

Samples, paperwork and accessories were overwhelming me, causing me confusion and making it really hard to be creative. After one afternoon with Lori, my space is free of clutter, organized and ready for lots of creativity and new projects! I would highly recommend Lori Gersh, she is professional, creative, no nonsense and fun!

Jill Wolff, Jill Wolff Interior Design

Having Lori come in and get my home office organized has been a blessing. Between my career and family, I struggled finding the time to keep my workspace in order even though I am an organized person at heart. My family even nicknamed my office ‘the dungeon’ and didn’t dare to step foot in it! In two sessions, Lori helped me find an organization system that transformed ‘the dungeon’ into an orderly office space. I now feel empowered to do work from home and haven’t endured the humiliation of losing paperwork in quite some time.

Robin Handler, Westlake Village, CA

My family and I recently moved from Texas to Calabasas. Unfamiliar with the area and completely overwhelmed with my children starting in new schools, etc., a month passed by and 75% of our new home remained packed in boxes.

One of my neighbors recommended Lori and, let’s just say, she will remain my favorite neighbor forever! After three days of working with Lori, the boxes are finally all gone and my family now feels at home in our new house. Lori worked closely with me to organize everything in a way that is easily maintainable by the entire family. Leave it to Lori to organize your life back in to order!

Tammi Hicks, Calabasas, CA

After the work we did together several months ago it occurred to me today that my office and closet are still pretty organized. I know how much paper I have, I know where my printer cartridges are and I haven’t had to buy a new measuring tape since we finished the cleanup. It’s easy to keep it up because there is a place for everything. My office is peaceful and it’s a pleasure to be in the space
now. Thanks again.

Cathi Schrage, Woodland Hills, CA

I recently worked with Lori and am very pleased with the results. I am an organized person, however, my husband is not and this has been a continuous issue for me. Lori came in, evaluated the situation, and helped create an organization system that works for both of us. Her reassurance and positive reinforcement helped transform our home into something I am no longer embarrassed of.

Anonymous, Hidden Hills, CA

When my parents visited my apartment for the first time over family weekend, they nearly hit the floor at the site of my mess. My kitchen table was somewhere under a mountain of books/papers and walking into my closet wasn’t even an option.

As a college student, organization was not one of my top priorities and they insisted on hiring Lori much to my dismay. However, after two sessions of working with her I couldn’t thank my parents enough! She actually made organizing my mess fun and we even came up with a label system I love. Lori inspired me to stay organized forever!

Kate Watson, Westwood, CA – Student

I initially hired Lori to help me transform an overcrowded bedroom into a home office… which is now my favorite room of the house. We have since worked on almost every room and the results are indescribable.

Lori’s monthly visits help support me in my efforts to live an organized lifestyle. Lori helped me transform my house into a home. I love coming home to my organized space. I know where things are and waste no time looking for them.

Barbara Schechter, Beverly Hills, CA

Before I hired Lori, I would somehow manage to lose everything. Whether it was in my home or in my purse, it was always lost. Lori helped me come up with a simple organization system that worked with my needs and lifestyle. Together, we went on an adventure of separating, categorizing, and labeling. She made sense of my mess when no one thought it was possible!

Caroline Hall, Agoura Hills, CA – Artist

When I sold my home last year and moved to another home, Lori’s help in cleaning out and purging years of accumulated clutter was invaluable. Not only did that process help make our move to the new home easier, it helped make our house so much more presentable to buyers. Upon moving into our new home, Lori and her team had us unpacked and put away within 48 hours. I could not have done it without Lori!

Cindy Kramer, Malibu, CA

As a single mom trying to do it all, my house had transformed into an embarrassing and unorganized disaster. I finally got up the courage to call Lori, and couldn’t be happier with my decision! Lori is a pleasure to work with and helps with everything from the big picture to the smallest detail. She found new space in my house I never even knew existed. Every time one of my friends compliments the orderliness of my home, I smile and want to call Lori and thank her again!

Gayle Rubin, Westlake Village, CA

Lori’s extraordinary organizational skills helped me create a fantastic photography studio out of an ill-used room and clear my office of years’ worth of clutter. Now I have two spaces that function just as I need them and I couldn’t be happier. Spending a couple of days with Lori was not only highly productive but fun as well. She’s great company and very efficient! Worth every penny!

Diana Lundin, Photographer

Since 1985 I have used various Professionals Organizers to assist me, who were all great. I have used Lori’s services for 5 years now on several occasions. She far exceeds my previous experiences with her realistic and logical thinking.

She has the ability to organize my numerous projects with great enthusiasm and has an answer for all my various situations. Lori gets the job done efficiently and is easy to work with. I truly enjoy getting my life organized!

Nita Coulter, Property Management

I have worked with Lori since 2000 on various projects throughout my home and my office. She always demonstrates the utmost in proficiency and organization. Lori’s efficiency, planning, follow-up and coordination skills are put to the test many times over, and she performs exceedingly well. It is hard to find professionals like Lori. Hence, she continues to maintain my office on a regular basis.

Jeffrey Schechter, Dentist

My whole life I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy when it comes to my ability to get and stay organized. I sought help because my husband was tired of living with me and my mess. Lori’s positive attitude and non-judgmental demeanor has allowed me to get myself organized in ways that I never dreamt possible.

Lori helped me set-up daily goals for myself that I use and rely on that work. Her monthly visits help keep me on track and recharge my battery! I am so grateful for having found her.

Sarah R., Real Estate Agent

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