Professional Organizer

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Organization for your Home

Professional organizer for your home
Leave it 2 Lori offers professional, creative, hands-on home organizing assistance for all areas of your home.

Room by room, I will work with you to:

  • sort through all of your items
  • help you determine items to be purged
  • set up custom organization systems
  • set up storage systems
  • implement paper management systems


Wardrobe & Closet Organization

If it doesn’t make you feel great when you put it on, it doesn’t belong in your closet. Together we will go through all of the items in your closet to decide what should stay and what should go.

Once purged, I will then:

  • organize hanging items by color and style
  • set up zones
  • arrange folded items
  • organize purses, belts and scarves
  • pick a system for storing shoes

Getting dressed will be effortless and enjoyable now that your closet is functioning efficiently.


Kitchen Organizing & Makeovers

Having your kitchen properly set-up will allow you to have much more fun and a lot less anxiety when tackling those family meals. I will help you streamline your cabinets, cupboards and drawers.

I will create zones for each activity:

  • cooking
  • food preparation
  • dish storage
  • food storage
  • utility
  • household paperwork

Paper Management & Organization

Piles of papers on the counters and not sure what to do with them?  You are not alone. Understanding paper; what needs to be kept and how best to keep it is an essential learnable skill to keeping the paper clutter at bay.

Paper clutter costs money, time and stress. Without a plan for paper management, a household can drown in a rising tide of paper. I will teach you how to pull the plug on paper clutter.

Learn more about our office organizing services.

Organized Playrooms & Toys

Kid’s toys run amuck? I will sort through the toys with you and weed out the toys of ‘yesterday’. I will then create a system for storing them that will make clean-up a breeze for you and your kids.

Why not set your kids up for success from the start by allowing them to learn organizational skills that they can utilize throughout their lives?

Professional Downsizing & Relocation Organizing Services

Downsizing to a smaller home presents unique challenges that entail sorting through decades of memories and making important decisions about a new life in a new place.

I will help you through this transition in life by:

  • guiding you to deciding which items are worth taking
  • arranging for donations
  • discarding and removing unwanted items

I will then restore your new space to complete comfort and function. For more information visit my relocation and moving organization page.

Space Planning

Is your space being utilized as efficiently as possible? Together we will define the function of each room and create zones for each activity. I will work with the items in your space along with the architectural elements of the room and traffic flow patterns to properly design a space that allows for maximum use and efficiency.

My goal is to create a space for you that is visually peaceful, functional, comfortable and inspiring.