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10 tips to Organize Your Closet

By July 10, 2013May 2nd, 2018Organizing Tips

How stressed do you feel when entering your closet? By keeping your closet updated, streamlined and organized, you can actually turn this unavoidable ritual into a fun and uplifting start of your day.Leave It 2 Lori organized closet

Here are 10 tips to organize your closet:

  1. If it doesn’t make you feel great when you put it on, ditch it.
  2. Keep a bag in your closet for items that you no longer want. When the bag is full take it to charity.
  3. Remove items that are damaged, too small or way out of style.
  4. Sort like items together…short sleeve shirts together, pants together, etc.
  5. Put frequently worn items in easy to reach locations, making getting dressed simple and easy.
  6. When the season changes, re acquaint yourself with your wardrobe by going through all items and relocating seasonal item to front and center location for easy access.
  7. Sort shoes by style and color; dressy vs. casual then by color.  Make sure to fill boots with boot supports for better preservation.
  8. If you struggle with wanting to keep clothes that no longer fit but that might someday, allocate 1 plastic container for those items and label it. Only keep as many items that will fit in the container. Store the container in an out of the way space, up high or under a bed.
  9. Take your sock drawer and empty it on to the bed. Eliminate socks that do not have mates, have holes in them and that are uncomfortable. Organize what is left by color.
  10. If you are holding onto items that were given to you yet you never liked, toss them in the donate container now and move on!

Now that your closet is streamlined and up-to-date, it is time to splurge on some matching hangers. After all the hard work you did, you deserve it!  What are your favorite tips to organize your closet that you’d like to share?


Lori Gersh is a hands-on professional organizer, move manager and the owner of Leave It 2 Lori. Her focus is on helping her clients in Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, Calabasas, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, and other Southern California cities to declutter, organize, and transform their space. Whether you are upsizing or downsizing, organizing your home or your office, Lori and her team will handle it all.