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How to Keep Your House Organized

By April 28, 2014May 2nd, 2018Organizing Tips

organized house for blog1Let’s face it…life is stressful. Why deal with a messy house every day to add to that stress. Here are some tips on how to keep your house organized.

How to Avoid Clutter

First of all and most importantly, keeping lots of junk around that we don’t need just ends up cluttering our house and therefore cluttering our lives. In order to keep a healthy mind, it is best to find ways to de-clutter. One great rule of thumb is to start with a yard or garage sale. Get rid of everything that is not needed or not used. Any items that do not sell, take directly to the nearest donation center. This will make it way easier to keep your house organized. Once you have gotten rid of all of those unwanted or unneeded things, make sure that every time you buy something new, that you get rid of one more thing. I’ve found this to be an important theme in my life. And it works!

Find a Place for Everything

Everything must have a place. A place is an assigned home. This means you will need to make a decision…and stick to it! If you cannot find a place for it, than perhaps you do not need it. Making sure that everything has a place that is easy to access will make clean-up time a breeze and will ensure a more organized house. For example, coats can live on a coat hook right inside the door and shoes can live on a shoe rack in the front hall closet or in the bedroom. Once everything has a place, there won’t be the temptation of just throwing something on the floor, or the couch, or the counter. This decreases clutter and keeps your house organized.

Utilize Shelves and Drawers

Everyone has a junk drawer, somewhere. The question is – how is your junk drawer functioning? Is it hard to find things in your junk drawer? Hard to even open? Do you have items in there that are broken, useless and clogging up space? If so, then it is time to Organize your Junk Drawer.

Shelves are an extremely useful tool when it comes to an organized house. Shelves allow you to store things up and away. If all of your shelves are full after you have de-cluttered. It is not very difficult to either purchase or install more. They are a great place to store things and the items can be easily seen and accessed.

Organize Books

organized booksBooks are a tricky topic. There are a million ways to organize books. You can organize them by size, by topic, by color or alphabetically. However, one thing that is always important to touch on when talking about organizing books, is do you really need them? Will you read them again? Will you use them in the future? Do you have space for a Library? If you have space for a library, then there is no reason not to keep all of your books especially if you love to read and re-read books. However, books can be another cause of clutter and can take up a lot of space. So you have to decide what your house can handle.

Keeping an organized house can help to keep a clear and organized mind. Sometimes it is hard to keep things clean and organized when life is busy and stressful, but the more we keep things organized on a daily basis, the more time we will have to do the things we love.



Lori Gersh is a hands-on professional organizer, move manager and the owner of Leave It 2 Lori. Her focus is on helping her clients in Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, Calabasas, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, and other Southern California cities to declutter, organize, and transform their space. Whether you are upsizing or downsizing, organizing your home or your office, Lori and her team will handle it all.