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Organizing Your Pet Supplies

By November 14, 2013May 2nd, 2018Organizing Tips

Pet supplies can quickly invade and clutter up your home.  By creating specific zones for each activity and setting up your home accordingly, you can eliminate alot of the pet clutter ahead of time.

Here are some easy steps to follow for organizing your pet supplies and keep your home beautiful.

1.  Assign a place for eating.

In our house we visit the kibble bin twice a day and the treat cupboard many more times a day than we should.  I store Luna’s dry food in a self-sealing container that lives right by her feeding and water bowl.  By doing this, feeding time is a breeze.


organizing your pet supplies


I love giving Luna lots of treats.  Since I do that way too often and she has a bit of a weight issue, I break them in half. Luna’s treats are stored in labeled containers located in our laundry room on the easiest to access shelf.


2.  Conveniently store leashes and walking supplies near exit door.

Daily walks are a must for Luna and tend to be the highlight of her day.  I like it because we both get the extra exercise that we need it is a great way for me to unwind at the end my workday.


Having all the items we use for walking in one place next to the exit door makes the process easier.  The items we keep in this area are:

  • Her leash
  • Ball and ball thrower
  • Poop bags
  • Brush
  • Fannie pack with water bottle holder for longer walks
  • Flash light (for evening walk)
  • Chapstick (for me)


3.  Safely store medicines and supplies

I recommend having a container clearly marked PET MEDS and SUPPLIES for storing medicines, flea treatments, and bathing materials.  Store this container in a spot away from pets and children. Even some standard pet shampoos can be toxic, so keep them out of reach. Since you will not be visiting this container often, it does not need to be located in a prime spot on your shelf.

organizing your pet supplies Luna and doggie bin


4.  Toy chest are a must!

Keep toys in a designated container in the areas of your home that your animal plays most. In some cases, there many be more than one place so I recommend a container in each room if needed.  During puppyhood this will for sure be the case.

If you are really up for a challenge see if you can train your dog to clean up after himself.  If you succeed at that, please let us know how you did it!

5.  File for important papers.

Keep track of the necessities. Keep your pet’s records in one safe place. Adoption and vet files, medical papers, and everything else should be stored with the rest of your important paperwork. Create a file with their name on it and add it to the rest of your Family Files for safekeeping.


Lori Gersh is a hands-on professional organizer, move manager and the owner of Leave It 2 Lori. Her focus is on helping her clients in Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, Calabasas, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, and other Southern California cities to declutter, organize, and transform their space. Whether you are upsizing or downsizing, organizing your home or your office, Lori and her team will handle it all.

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