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How To Stay Organized

By January 31, 2015May 2nd, 2018Organizing Tips

staying organized

Now that you’ve spent the time and energy to get organized you want to make sure you stay organized. Why let all of that hard work purging, categorizing, containerizing and labeling go to waste. Here are some simple tricks you can apply that will help you to stay organized easily.

Do not put things down …put things away. This will be much easier now that you have determined where your items should live. By implementing this one rule you will make a huge difference in your space and keep the clutter at bay.

If it takes 3 minutes or less, do it now. Whether it sending a quick email, putting something in your car or shredding daily junk mail, doing these things as they present themselves saves you form to-do overflow later on.

Maintain your space regularly. Spend 10 minutes everyday putting things away and bringing your organized space back to where it needs to be. Organizing is no different than doing laundry, there is always another pile building up somewhere. Stay on top of it daily and see how great you feel!

Shred and toss items daily, particularly the mail.  Paper has a way of taking over people’s desk, offices and lives.  Starting today, do not let new paper in your home unless you absolutely need it.  So much is accessible on the internet making easy retrieval for when you actually need it, if ever. For a list of which papers to keep and which to toss click here.

They say it takes repitition to change a habit.  Start implementing these new rituals today and by next month it will be smooth sailing! If you should need some assistance contact us for more information on how we can help you get and stay organized.

Do you have any tricks that you can share that help you to stay organized?  If you do, please share. I am always looking for new ideas and appreciate your input!



Lori Gersh is a hands-on professional organizer, move manager and the owner of Leave It 2 Lori. Her focus is on helping her clients in Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, Calabasas, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, and other Southern California cities to declutter, organize, and transform their space. Whether you are upsizing or downsizing, organizing your home or your office, Lori and her team will handle it all.